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    Recent plastic industry raw material prices, freight, the cost of production line. Elastic floor association symposium held on October 10, m..More>>
  • 06
    Technical features of sports floor
    Comfort problem Professional PVC plastic sports flooring surface energy in the impact, moderate distortion, as an inner air seal mattress, ..More>>
  • 14
    Scope of application of sports floor
    PVC plastic sports flooring is widely used in all kinds of sports venues, for example: badminton, table tennis, volleyball, tennis, basketball, ha..More>>
  • 13
    What is a sports floor
    Sports flooring is the use of PVC materials specifically for the development of sports ground floor, specifically is to polyvinyl chloride and its..More>>
  • 14
    Indoor football floor features
    Indoor football, also known as five people soccer, originated in the early fifty or sixty's South America, is the lowest level of the community's ..More>>
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    Badminton floor origin
    The origin of the badminton sport in Japan, one of the United kingdom. Badminton floor international competition to specify the use of PVC ..More>>
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