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Daily maintenance of sports floor
Author:  Source: http://en.hbdxsj.net/kuaixun/n617.html   Time:2016-01-13

1, with the right to sweep the dust dust mop floor, if the frequency of use is very high, at least three times a day.

2, to wipe the water on the floor and accidentally poured out stains.

3, with a soft cloth or mop dipped in the appropriate floor cleaner to wipe shoes.

4, to ensure ventilation or normal operation of the air conditioner, and adjusted to a proper temperature to indoor humidity for a long time in between 35%--50%, when the outdoor temperature is very high or very low area, 15% humidity floating will not be much impact maple flooring.

5, often check the expansion or contraction of the floor, in the rainy weather, check the doors and windows are leaking, check expansion joints and clean up the accumulation of debris inside the seam.