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Stable market order Promote product innovation Promote the development of industry

"Elastic flooring manufacturers seminar" was held in large victory

Club sponsored by the national association of decoration materials elastic floor, plastic co., LTD., hebei large domestic main elastic floor (movement floor plate) production enterprise cooperation in hebei, jiangsu jianghai haze, jiangsu, Beijing, jiangsu day William shun (in no particular) before and after attending the "elastic flooring manufacturers seminar" on June 12, 2016, in the "pearl of north China" baiyangdian side held a victory.

Meeting grasps "to ensure product quality, stable market prices, promote the healthy development of industry," the purpose, the association secretary-general of makin and large iwasawa akila arashi, jianghai ShiGuoQing always, day, zhang hai, jiang hardwood yaumcha total, William shun caxa always do a great speech, combined with dynamic industry and the national policy, the international situation, in-depth discussions based on resource sharing, complementary advantages, responsible for practitioners and consumers, promote industrial innovation upgrade principle, finally reached a consensus on the following five:

1, ensure that the environmental protection standard of raw materials and production process, responsible for future generations.

2, adhere to the production of quality products, provide satisfying service, responsible for enterprise development;

3, establish reasonable price system, don't compete on price, responsible for the dealers at all levels;

4, establish efficient communication and strategic cooperation relations, responsible for industry revitalization;

5, strengthen scientific research investment, increase the industry joint, strives for realism the innovation development together!

Through this workshop, we communicate the information effectively, to deepen the feelings between each other, to promote the healthy development of elastic flooring industry is of great significance and far-reaching.