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Technical features of sports floor
Author:  Source: http://en.hbdxsj.net/gsxw/n613.html   Time:2016-01-06

Comfort problem

Professional PVC plastic sports flooring surface energy in the impact, moderate distortion, as an inner air seal mattress, when you in wrestling or slipped and closed foam backing layer technology to provide buffering effect can maximize the reduce sports injuries.

Tremor problem

Refers to the floor tremor caused by impact deformation, the greater the scope of tremor prone to fractures. There are two kinds of tremor: tremor and area.

Vibration absorption problem

In the movement of impulse in PVC plastic sports floor surface will produce vibration, the structure of the floor must have the function of shock absorption, also refers to the floor should have the impact energy absorption performance, compared to athletes in the movement on the floor by the anti impact force on the hard ground, as in the cement on the ground motion to little more. : Athletes jump down to the floor, at least to 53% more than the amount of shock is absorbed by the floor, so as to protect the athlete's ankle joint, meniscus, spinal cord and brain function, make the person in motion will not hurt. The protection function is also considered when a person can not affect the adjacent personnel when moving on the floor. This is the German DIN standard described in the vibration absorption, vibration deformation and the extension of the concept of deformation.